Outdoors with a Pen

A wise man recently told me to draw with a pen so you can see your mistakes. This made me feel embarassed for mocking people who don’t use a pencil. He also mentioned that I should go outside and draw real things which was also good advice.

Here are some of my favourites.

Anomolous Visuals Logo Remix

My friends at Anomolous Visuals have an ongoing logo project called Alt AV that I couldn’t resist participating in. In their own words…

Anomalous Visuals’ ALT AV PROJECT is an ongoing open call for creative interpretations of our original AV logo.

Holding Page R.I.P.

Well I had a lot of fun with my holding page graphics so why not put them up for anybody who missed them. Here they are in all their former glory.



Graphic Design


Web Design





Touchdown Ready Logo

Touchdown Ready needed a name and logo that suggested the novel concept with familiar imagery.