Portfolio 2003


Dear Loyal Reader,

I’ve recently been tipped off that Flash is still hot, i.e. still happening after the iPhone-ocalypse of 2009. While I’m not 100% convinced, Adobe should be credited for moving with the times. I love, for example, that it is now possible to publish to iOS, Android and HTML Canvas. This has convinced me to roll my sleeves back up and give Actionscript another look.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to roll out my Portfolio from 2003 where I built an Operating System-inspired Flash portfolio website, lovingly hand-coded in Actionscript 2. It features;

  • A history system – woefully missing in Flash at the time.
  • Colour scheme changer – and why wouldn’t it?
  • A Skip Intro button – Ah, they were the days. Who was ‘Skip Intro’ anyway? An American Footballer?
  • Music Player – Sadly disabled.
  • A menu of 3D blocks of different colours – back in those days, easily interpretable menus were ‘boring’!
  • Pixel fonts – lovingly nudged onto the half pixel x/y positions so that they would sparkle.
  • A subtle spinning logo – hover to see it come to life.
  • Flat design – well mostly. Some of us designers have been gunning for flat design for a very long time!

Please click on the image at the top to head straight back to 2003!

Future Funklord

Wow, I just got back from a holiday in the future and it was different to how I expected it to be. For example, the authorities have a totally different agenda…

I nearly got busted by a local cop (pictured below) because I hadn’t let the ‘funk into my soul’. Then he just kept saying ‘Dance motherfucker’. I gave him a nervous little jig and then got the hell out of there.


It’s so good to be back in familar, grey austerity. What was I thinking?


Outdoors with a Pen

A wise man recently told me to draw with a pen so you can see your mistakes. This made me feel embarassed for mocking people who don’t use a pencil. He also mentioned that I should go outside and draw real things which was also good advice.

Here are some of my favourites.

Explain yourself, ‘young’ man!

Hello internet person. Thanks for looking at my site. Even greater thanks for reading my blog.

If you want to find out more about me, then have a look at my About Page.

After a lengthy silence on the internet I’ve made a new website for myself.

The purpose of this site is less about education and learning and more about my design work than the previous one. It will also feature more of my illustration than you may be used to seeing. I also plan to write quite a bit and publish to social media.

So please bookmark it and keep an eye on it and I will do my best to keep it interesting for you.

I’ve done a few coding backflips to tame WordPress into presenting things in a simple way yet retain it’s ease of use as a blogging platform. Overall, though, my approach with this site has been to keep it lean so that it will be versatile and easy to modify. What this means to you, dear reader (well done for getting this far!) is that this site should change and be updated more often than previous sites I have had.

Let’s see about that!