I am a Graphic Designer from New Zealand (mostly!). I gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Auckland University of Technology in 1996 and more recently (2008) a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning for Art and Design from CLTAD in the University of the Arts London (big thanks, London College of Fashion).

Before and during University I spent many years working at Mark One Comics & Games and another store called Pop Culture in Auckland. At this time I was also an ace kitchen porter in an awesome vegetarian restaurant called Musical Knives on Ponsonby Road Auckland.

Comic books inspired me to study graphic design and I was soon obsessed by typography, colour, composition, vector drawing and all those other important aspects of graphic design. I started working part time at the ethical design agency Paradigm in Auckland during my college years doing bus maps and then went to work for them full time when I graduated (big thanks John Ringer!).

In 1999 I left New Zealand to live closer to my family who lived in Ireland. After a brief stint at Visual Communications integrating 3D models to photographic backgrounds (with 3D Illustration legend Brendan McCaffrey) I moved to London and got a job at VCI (Video Communications International) designing Video and then these newfangled DVD covers. I worked alongside Robert John the creator of the catchy whatiseewhenilookat website. VCI is now part of the BBC.

In 2001 I worked at Ebow in Dublin designing websites. Ebow is going super strong these days. Flash, my tool of choice back then, is not faring so well.

By 2004 I was back in London and got a job with Consultants in Design (CID), who created those big books along the side of the Kings Road. Our work there was mainly branding for property developers. Simon Scott-Taylor taught me a hell of a lot about typography there. Thanks Simon!

After CID I took a part time job as a Learning Support Officer (LSO) and later Digital Media Technician at London College of Fashion and started my freelance graphic design. Not long after starting there I started teaching computer graphics software like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Over my seven years at LCF the ratios of teaching, LSO work and freelancing shifted until nearer the end it was full time work, freelancing and somehow a little teaching.

In 2011 I left to concentrate on my freelance graphic design work which continues to the present day here in Galway, Ireland. I have been lucky to work for some great clients including The Rio Ferdinand Foundation and Active Communities Network as well Touchdown Ready, Oro Bianco Interior Design and Elite Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Group.

In the last four or five years I have been concentrating on my drawing and illustration skills. For this reason you will see one or two of these creeping into my Portfolio section and quite a few rougher sketches and experiments in my Blog. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy doing them.